Friday, November 21, 2008

Hi and "Lois"

Today's Hi and Lois features another dictionary with thumb-notches at the tops of pages. I didn't expect to see one of those again. There's also an assortment of disappearing objects (collect them all!), an off-kilter wall, and a mutant iPod (the iPod enormo). But what's most disturbing here is the teacher, who looks an awful lot like Hi Flagston in drag. Yikes.

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Jai said...

Wow - it's so close to being "hip" and "with the times"! If only he'd chosen to use "recorded" instead of "videotaped"... well, maybe next time! The iPod involved looks like an original "brick" GameBoy to me in the first panel, which definitely clued me into how unusually immense it was for an iPod.

The classroom door from the first panel is white, probably has a shade or muntin up near the top of the inset window, and through the window we see what may be a Rorschach inkblot.

The classroom door of the second panel is a pale tan in color and you can see an unguessable background through the window (But you can, at least, see that it is a background. Probably with... lockers? Perhaps a person? The other parts I will continue to mark as "unguessable"). The window itself bears only a passing resemblance to its predecessor. And a confusing vertical line and, uh, doorknob (?) has been added to the side of the window.

Chip's backpack has an odd set of buckles dangling just beneath it - are they for latching together in the event that the bottom of the backpack falls out or develops a split?

Fortunately, noticing that the teacher looks like Hi Flagston in drag (Great call!) completely redeems this strip's humorous integrity. But how useful can thumb-notches possibly be to a reader when there are only three of them? Most humans are capable of seeing how thick a book is and imagining that width divided into three parts. However, I do admire that it is a background detail with a purpose.

Michael Leddy said...

I missed the "doorknob" — good one. In the second panel I see a girl with black hair, carrying a book, moving to the right. I suspect that she is planning to transfer to another high school in a better comic strip.

Note that the backpack's straps disappear under Chip's elbows.

Three thumb-notches seem to be standard, in my limited H and L dictionary experience.

Videotaped! If he really had time to transfer videotape to a computer and to an iPod (can it be done?!), he had time to do his homework over.

Slywy said...

The door is next to a wall decorated with pictures of amoebas in the second panel; that wall disappears in the second.

But I will defend the buckles -- my backpacks have them for straps to wrap around. I never use them, and they hang.

Is videoed a word now?

(My CAPTCHA is "rinesse." I like that. Tres francais.)