Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Above, signage of the dowdy world. Note the note above the tam. My eyes too are rolling.

This image reminds me of the cartoonish Scot who graced the signage of a local supermarket food mart that offered "McThrifty" values (before selling out to a chain). The thrifty Scot seems to have been a familiar figure in grocerydom. Has anyone else seen him?

Illustrated Supermaket Signage (from Roadsidepictures, found via Mad Professor)
All "dowdy world" posts (via Pinboard)

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Anonymous said...

If memory serves, at the Economy supermarket in Lockport, Illinois (long gone), the store brand was "Scot Lad", which still exists as a private label, as far as I know.

Genevieve Netz said...

I wonder if the younger folks of today even know that Scots are supposed to be thrifty?

Michael Leddy said...

Norman, Wilb Walker's carried Scot Lad products too, no?

Genevieve, I just polled my (very astute, culturally literate) kids, and neither knew.

Anonymous said...

That could very well be. I don't recall. I did not start shopping there until it was the only grocery store in that part of town. Funny, the things you remember...and the things you don't (Celeste Holm in All About Eve).

Michael Leddy said...

Funny, indeed. I found a couple of items online from 1984 about Scot Lad selling out to Roundy's (another house brand), so I think my memory of Scot Lad products is accurate.