Monday, July 23, 2007

Shopping by letters

A Google search that led someone to Orange Crate Art today had me puzzled:

things to buy at wal-mart that begin with the letter g
Well: gelatin, Geritol (yes, they still make Geritol), giblets, gin, ginger, ginger ale, glassware, glue, goat's milk, Goo-Gone, graham crackers, Grape-Nuts, grapes, gum.

Gosh, thought I: Google, like the cellphone, really is ruining self-reliance (which you can't buy at Wal-Mart).

Then I realized that I'd misread, misled by the underlined search URL in my blog stats. This Google search was for items beginning with the letter q. That's a bit more difficult. Here's what I've thought of: Q-Tips, quad-ruled pads, Queen CDs, queen-size sheets, Quiet Riot CDs, quinoa. And now I'll quit.

What else?
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Elaine Fine said...

Quaker Oats
Quaker State Motor Oil
Quark (it's a kind of cheese)

Michael Leddy said...

Bravo, Elaine. But I think quark is sold only at hypothetical Wal-Marts.

Jason said...

Perhaps a Quilt? Quattro razors?

Anonymous said...

quick-setting cement
Quicken software
Queen Latifah CDs

-- Vicki

Michael Leddy said...

Thank you, shoppers! Anyone searching for things to buy at wal-mart that begin with the letter q will now be able to find them here.