Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy birthday, Brian Wilson

Odd coincidence: someone from Hawthorne, California (on completely unrelated business) visited Orange Crate Art today, which reminded me that it's Brian Wilson's birthday. Brian Wilson is 65 today. Above, four stills of BW performing "Surf's Up," from the 1966 television special Inside Pop, hosted by Leonard Bernstein.

You can find the partial performance from this television show on YouTube, as excerpted from a more recent documentary. The voice at the end belongs to Van Dyke Parks, who wrote the words to Brian Wilson's music.

"Surf's Up" (Brian Wilson)

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John Guzlowski said...

Hi, Michael, Brian Wilson's birthday? Mine too. Almost. (stop by my everything's jake site and read my birthday poem:

Speaking of aging rockers (him not me) did I send you the link to Fillmore Auditorium site, the one that lets you listen to all of these great concerts (neil young and bob dylan, tay mahal, chuck berry all by himself, everybody else) for free?

Here's the link:

Happy birthday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, John. Because it's Brian Wilson's birthday, I'm listening to Chuck Berry live at the Fillmore, a concert performed, incidentally, 2 months and nine days after I was born.

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, John. (And hello, Stefan.)

There are recordings that circulate of a Fillmore East show with the Grateful Dead and the Beach Boys -- playing together, I kid you not -- alas not on Bill Graham's site.