Saturday, June 2, 2007

Gould's Goldberg Variations online

Wow: most of the out-of-print 1981 film of Glenn Gould playing the Goldberg Variations can be found online. The Google Video file contains everything but a few minutes of introductory conversation and the Aria da Capo. Move ahead to 5:48 in the YouTube file, and you can pick up with the restatement of the Aria.

The quality of image and sound is not great. But it'll have to do, Until the Real Thing Comes Along.

Aria and Variations 1-30 (Google Video)
Variations 26-30 and Aria da Capo (YouTube)

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Lee said...

Thanks so much for this. My Gould double CDs (1955 & 1981) are practically worn bare.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, indeed! Someone borrowed my copy of the 1981 recording and never returned it. It's great to find these videos on-line.

Michael Leddy said...

Lee, Ian, you're welcome. I'm glad that I can point you to these.