Monday, September 19, 2005

"Slow down and think"

Kids' thoughts about writing with fountain pens:

Do you think writing with a fountain pen improves your penmanship? Why?

"My handwriting is usually bad with a ballpen, better with a pencil, but it is 100% better with a fountain pen. I can't rush with a fountain pen because I am left handed, and get ink all over my hand. But my teachers can understand my handwriting when I write with the fountain pen Mr. Socas gave me." Raul, 8th grade.

"With a fountain pen, you have to slow down and think. You can't be messy. My essays are much better now, because I think about what I am going to write before I write it. I think the teacher gave me a pen as a trick to make me think better. The pens make my writing look nicer too, but I hate to get ink on my hand. I have to carry wet wipes with me." Ingrid, 8th grade.
LINK: "Pens for Kids" [Scroll down to the heading "Pens for Kids."]

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