Thursday, September 29, 2005


From BBC News:

An amateur British archaeologist says he has located Ithaca, the homeland of Homer's legendary hero Odysseus.

Robert Bittlestone and two experts say research shows the rocky island in The Odyssey was in the western part of Greek tourist destination Cephalonia.

Satellite imagery was used to match the landscape with descriptions in Homer's poem about the return of the man behind the wooden horse of Troy.
My immediate impulse is to say, It's a story. But Bittlestone and his co-authors have a book forthcoming from Cambridge University Press.

LINK: " Study 'locates' Homer's Ithaca" (from BBC News)

LINK: Odysseus Unbound : The Search for Homer's Ithaca, by Robert Bittlestone, James Diggle, John Underhill, from

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