Sunday, July 17, 2005

Van Dyke Parks interviewed

There's a two-hour podcast from Cotolo Chronicles featuring an interview with Van Dyke Parks (whose song "Orange Crate Art" gave this blog its name). You can find the interview as a 27.6 mb download by clicking here. Scroll down to the July 14, 2005 download. The interview begins at about the thirty-minute mark.

Here's a choice Parks remark, carefully transcribed:

It all led to an opportunity for arranging, and that's what I've done for my entire life is arranging and trying to surround myself with talent and learn how to be a collaborative talent myself, be the best beta-male I can think of, because of my devotion to the motion, my eyes being on the prize, as they are, which is just to go ahead and do music in any way I can. Sometimes that means even taking an accordion on an airplane.
[Parks played accordion on the Beach Boys' "Kokomo."]

And one more, on his love of many kinds of music, from Schubert to calypso:
I'm sorry to say I love music. I'm a goat; I eat everything.

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