Tuesday, July 17, 2018


A column in The Washington Post says, “Stop calling it ‘meddling.’” I’m there. Or was there and am there. Here’s a post from February 2018: Needed: a word other than meddle.

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misterbagman said...

Well, the Post piece is all well and good, but we already have a perfectly serviceable term with an ancient and hoary provenance. Submitted for your approval:


I realize the Gray Lady is no fan of the barnyard epithet, and the Post, while somewhat less demure, is disinclined to shock its readers as well; but I think we're beyond clutching our pearls over such things at this point.

Use it in a sentence? Okay:

"The Russians ratfucked our electoral process, whether with or without overt collusion from the Trump campaign."

Michael Leddy said...

“Russian ratfucking” has a nice alliterative ring.

Michael Leddy said...

No offense to individual Russians or rats.

Pete said...

Meddling is what the nosy but harmless neighbor (think Gladys Kravitz) does. “Corrupting” seems much more appropriate here.