Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving, Talia

[November 22, 2017.]

Talia is still a very wee pal, but take a look at this photograph and this one and you can see how much she’s grown. Just think of these posts as appearing in plastic sleeves in a wallet: yes, I am a grandparent showing you pictures of my grandchild.

Thanksgiving 1917

[“Thanksgiving Food Never So Expensive: Turkeys Get Up to 50 Cents a Pound and Cranberries Bring 25 Cents a Quart.” The New York Times, November 29, 1917.]

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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[Nathan Straus, co-owner of R.H. Macy & Company and Abraham & Straus, had a long history as a philanthropist.]

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Jon Hendricks (1921–2017)

The singer and lyricist Jon Hendricks has died at the age of ninety-six. The New York Times has an obituary. The Lambert, Hendricks & Ross album Sing a Song of Basie (1957) is one of my earliest musical memories. It begins: “Dig Count Basie blow Joe’s blues away.”

Peppermint Hallmark

[Peanuts, November 22, 1970.]

Peppermint Patty (last name Reichardt I once heard) is watching a beauty contest. But I prefer to believe that she’s watching the Hallmark Channel.

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[Yesterday’s Peanuts is today’s Peanuts. This strip ran again this past Sunday. Extra credit if you recognize the source for “(last name Reichardt I once heard).”]

“Useful, poetic,” &c.

Rachel Peden writes of losing the battle against weeds but loving her garden “just the same”:

I Iove it on the day when the earth is prepared and I can take off my shoes and walk barefooted on the fresh, moist, sun-warmed soil. I love it when I put my shoes back on and begin to work, marking off rows and putting in seeds, and almost forgetting to stop in time to start supper. I love it when the first bean sprouts appear, the little bowed green heads first, then the two little green hands held up above the face. A garden makes me feel useful, poetic, comforted, overworked, justified for living, luxurious. I always promise to be faithful to this one, but every year the weeds are more faithful than I. After all, they have nothing else to do, of course.

Rachel Peden, The Land, the People (Bloomington, IN: Quarry Books, 2010).
As late as the first days of November, we still had tiny plum tomatoes growing. But the frost ended that. Our raised beds are now covered with cardboard and waiting for the spring. The first time it snows I want to sit with Elaine at the kitchen table and plan out next year’s crops.

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The obvious

Amy Davidson Sorkin, writing in The New Yorker about “Liberals and Sexual Harassment”:

When Clinton ran for President in 2016, she may not have gauged how profoundly Bill Clinton’s record with women would hurt her.
Ya think? And:
As hard as it is to hear, particularly given the historic nature of Clinton’s candidacy and her laudable record on everything from climate change to children’s health, her nomination compromised the Democratic Party.
Ya think? And:
There were other choices, early on; perhaps one of the fourteen Democratic women in the Senate in 2015 might have emerged.
“Might have emerged” — if what?

There was another choice later on as well, but in Davidson Sorkin’s telling, there is no Bernie Sanders.

Timmy Martin, writer

A Dixon Ticonderoga works for most purposes. But not all. From the Lassie episode “The Contest” (September 20, 1959), as Timmy Martin prepares to write about What My Pet Means to Me:

“Where’s the pen and ink and good paper?”
Notice: the pen. One, for the house. It’s a dip pen.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017


[Click for a larger view.]

A Nancy parody, found in a sampler of MAD imitators. The titles on the TV screen: Khrushchev Knows Best, I Love Nikita, and Meet the Pravda.

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[Khrushchev’s name might be misspelled in the comic. Too small to tell.]

Domestic comedy

“A Thanksgiving movie now? When it’s already almost Christmas?!”

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A pocket notebook sighting

[A Stranger in Town (dir. Roy Rowland, 1943).]

John Josephus Grant (Frank Morgan) looks at a blank page as he asks questions: Have you always lived in this state? Are you sure you’ve never lived in another state? Did you file your income tax this year? The man he’s questioning gets more and more worried. And then Grant explains:

“It’s an old trick that Justice Brandeis used to play. I read about it in Collier’s once. You see, it’s an unfortunate fact, Mr. Adams, but every man, even you and I, has done something that he doesn’t want anybody to know about. Now if you can make him think that you’re holding in your hand the skeleton in his closet — you’ve got him. Well, let’s say at least you’ve got him squirming, nervous, worried, as you were. But if that man happens to have a really guilty conscience. . . .”
What Grant doesn’t give away is that he didn’t read about this trick in Collier’s. He himself is a Supreme Court Justice, on vacation and incognito.

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