Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Brief Interviews with an apology

[Photograph by Michael Leddy.]

I took this photograph (and you can pretty much guess where) because I liked the combination of plain materials (trash bag, notebook paper, marker) and extraordinary rhetoric: an explanation of what’s wrong (“Out of order”), an apology (“Sorry”), a helpful hint about how to proceed (“Use another one” — and notice that delicate euphemism “one”), an expression of gratitude (“Thank you”), and a smile. How could I not agree to use another one, right?

It was only when I saw a thumbnail of the photograph on my desktop that I recognized an uncanny resemblance. As my friend Marjorie would say, “It’s weird”:


The smaller you go, the more pronounced the resemblance. It’s weird:

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Fresca said...

Wild, the coincidence!

The message "use another one" cracks me up.
Like, "make sure you do get some water to drink"? :)

Fresca said...

P.S. Oh, wait, I thought it was a drinking fountain!
Is it a urinal?
Then "use another one" takes on a different meaning:

Michael Leddy said...

Yep. It’s a urinal, non-Duchamp.

Frex said...

Even better.

Slywy said...

Maybe retirement wasn't a great idea? :)

(Of course it was!)

Michael Leddy said...

Honest, I would’ve made time for this one if I were still teaching. :)