Monday, July 3, 2017

A Chris Christie “Footprints”

Our daughter Rachel’s husband Seth is a very funny guy. This tweet is his. If you like it, please share it.

[Puzzled? Context here.]

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Berit said...

I've lived in NJ for over eleven years now. Does that make me a New Jerseyan? I've never been able to stomach this "man", and have never had any clue how he ascended to the post in the first place. This beach boondoggle just proves once again: He has no honor.

In our family, we call him "Trund Trundle-y" (pronounced Trun Trund'ly). This is (obviously) because he is so slovenly in his fatness, always seems a slobby, shambling mess. (A pot-and-kettle situation as we in the family are both quite fat--though I do hope of tidier deportment than Dear Governor.) And also because I have a peeve about "men with two first names"(e.g. John James, wherein James is a surname.). Christie ('s parents ?) takes it a step further by GIVING HIM THE NAME TWICE IN SUCCESSION! What an irritating piece of alliteration! And then there is the way you hear it pronounced so often 'round here: CrssChrssie .

You son-in-law's joke is very well-done; we enjoyed the laugh!

Michael Leddy said...

How could people ever have voted for him? Elaine has a friend who calls him Rauner East.