Monday, January 11, 2016

Younger, sepia

I’ve posted snapshots of a younger me with my mom and dad for Mother’s and Father’s Days. But here is a solo studio outing. I was ready for my close-up, as ready as I ever would be. Why are you seeing this photograph? Because Fresca has suggested to her readers that they post baby pictures.

A question I cannot answer: was sepia still common in the 1950s?


3:45 p.m.: I still can’t answer that question, but my mom confirms that this photo was tinted. (It’s not a faded black-and-white photo.)

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Fresca said...

Oh, how great, thanks!
I love seeing Baby you next to your profile photo---very much the same person.

(I don't know about sepia, but I don't recall any sepia photos in our family scrapbook that are later than my grandmother's youth in the 1910s-1920s...)

Michael Leddy said...

So too with ones of you and Marz —so much the same people.

These photos may have faded, though they still have grayish shading between them (five shots put together on a big page). Maybe the gray was pre-printed? I’ll see if my mom remembers.

Michael Leddy said...

My mom confirms: it’s tinted, not faded.