Friday, January 1, 2016

Domestic comedy

Caught on tape:

“This is a close-up of our real family life: having boring stuff doing.”
That’s our son Ben — at four or five? — as he roamed the house with a Fisher-Price tape recorder, interviewing and reporting. He and Rachel made countless cassette recordings: music, newscasts, skits, streams of consciousness. The energy of it all! We were listening earlier this week.

Since early August, I’ve kept my dad’s last word — “Thanks” — in the space below this blog’s title, as what Blogger calls “blog description.” With the turn of the year, I’m going to begin varying the description again, starting with a few of these words from Ben back in tykehood.

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Fresca said...

I LOVE this! I was just blogging about choosing to Do Nothing Much.
Very gratifying to see it elsewhere too, but expressed better.
Happy New Year!

Michael Leddy said...

Same to you, Fresca.

Elaine reminded me of a Rachel bit (from childhood, on tape):

“What are you doing, Rachel?”

“Much of nothing.”

I like the words from Robert Walser’s Jakob von Gunten : ““To be small and to stay small.””