Thursday, July 3, 2014

At the Art Institute of Chicago

The most exciting things at the Art Institute of Chicago right now: not the big Magritte exhibit but the photographs of Josef Koudelka and the weavings of Ethel Stein. The first exhibit is in black and white; the second, in color, many colors.

Reality, in my experience, trumps surrealism every time. Witness this Koudelka photograph.

And here’s a short film about Stein: Ethel Stein, weaver.

[Wallace Stevens: “The essential fault of surrealism is that it invents without discovering. To make a clam play an accordion is to invent not to discover.” (Materia Poetica, 1940). I don’t mean to pit artist against artist. I’m only pointing out that I found work of much greater interest in the quieter areas of the museum.]

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