Friday, October 11, 2013

Family Circus homophone catastrophe

[The Family Circus, October 11, 2013.]


1. The old-school thermometer.

2. The scene in the window.


1. Billy’s first your .

2. Billy’s second your .

I suppose it’s possible that Billy is spelling cute. (Aww.) He does though get to and too right. I think it’s likely that the yours are a grown-up’s mistakes.

[I know that cute isn’t an abverb. But see here.]

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Marzek said...

Sometimes that's the syndicate's fault, or the paper's -- I remember seeing a Marmaduke comic back in the 90s with caption that read something like 'MARMADUKE CAPTION HERE. LEAVE TWO LINES FOR MARMADUKE CAPTION'... Funniest Marmaduke ever!

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, many hands are involved. I just read that some papers corrected the mistake.

I’d like to have seen that Marmaduke strip.