Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Folle stapler

Cooper-Hewitt’s Object of the Day is a Folle 26 stapler. With a special guest appearance by the Folle Classic stapler.

Suddenly my staplers seem — well, inadequate.

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Anonymous said...

"Suddenly my staplers seem — well, inadequate."

But stapler enhancing drugs might be just the answer. Folle the yellow pill road... See, Alice! It works! Just as Bob Dole. (And consult your physician before joining/con-joining too many pages.)


Michael Leddy said...

Thank you for picking up on what I hoped someone would pick up on in that sentence. :)

Anonymous said...

What is this? A pick up joint?


"...picking up" might also mean straightening up the mess laying about -- the only question then remaining is "about what?"

Ah, words! For words, then back words. In other words, words in herds! And other rhymes, rude to crude.