Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eydie Gormé (1928-2013)

[Eydie Gormé and Steve Lawrence with an autograph-seeker. Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt. From the Life Photo Archive.]

Eydie Gormé and Steve Lawrence (or Steve and Eydie) were a staple of television in my youth. There they were, co-hosting The Mike Douglas Show. There they were, on yet another variety hour. They offered the kind of entertainment that people like me dismissed as hopelessly square. How intolerant, how smug, and how mistaken.

The New York Times has an obituary.

A YouTube sampler
“Blame It on the Bossa Nova”
“I Wanna Be Around”
“The Man I l Love”
“I Want to Stay Here” (with Steve Lawrence)
“Sabor a mí” (with Los Panchos)
A Sinatra medley (with Steve Lawrence and Frank Sinatra)
What’s My Line? (Gormé is the mystery guest; Lawrence is a panelist)

If you choose one to listen to, I’d suggest “I Wanna Be Around.”

[Gorme? Gormé? On What’s My Line? she signs with an accent.]

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Adair said...

Such sad news. Eydie also sang in Spanish with the Mexican trio Los Panchos---some of the loveliest vocal recordings ever made, still popular in Latin America (you might still here it on the radio in a Mexican taxi or bus) but not as well known here in the States as "Blame it on the Bossa Nova." A pity.

Michael Leddy said...

The Times quotes Steve Lawrence (2004) describing her as “a diva to the Spanish world.” I have a link to “Sabor a mí.” YouTube also has a live “Granada” with Los Panchos.

Adair said...

Sorry, I meant "hear."
That is exactly what she is south of the border--a diva. And justifiably so. Her "Noche de Ronda" is a masterpiece.
Isn't it sad that Steve and Edyie were the butt of countless jokes in the 70's and 80's? They were made fun of on SNL and elsewhere all the time. Buts sit in a Mexican taxi at midnight sometime: the driver will pull over if Edyie and Los Panchos come on the air---everything stops for those legendary, magical recordings. The joke's on all those who don't appreciate great singing.