Monday, January 3, 2011

Good free calendars

Like sands through the hourglass boxes in a grid, so are the days of our lives. Which means that I’m a sucker for a free calendar. Here are several good ones:

Compact Calendar 2011 David Seah’s calendar-in-the-form-of-a-spreadsheet fits a year to a page, with no divisions into months.

PDFCalendar This customizable calendar is great for the student or teacher who needs to map out a semester on one page.

TM Micro-Mini Calendar I’ve never had occasion to use Claude Pavur’s ultra-minimal calendar, but my inner child finds the idea of it irresistible. The Micro-Mini is no doubt the choice of ten-year-old secret agents everywhere.

UNIX calendar command The UNIX command cal is handy for making a three- or four-month calendar to tape into a notebook. Thanks to Hawk Sugano for sharing his knowledge.

One more: I’ve made a plain and dowdy 2011 calendar, three months per 8½ x 11 page. That’s a sample to the left. The font is Gill Sans Bold; the colors are Licorice and Cayenne (otherwise known as black and dark red). If you’d like to download the PDF, click here.

[With apologies to NBC’s Days of our Lives.]

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And shoes for the New Year.