Thursday, December 9, 2010

At the Continental Paper Grading Co.

Fourteen down, forty-two to go. Best wishes to my fellow graders, and best wishes to to the employees of the Continental Paper Writing Co., who make our work possible.

[The Continental Paper Grading Co. was founded in 1919. Elaine and I spotted the building on a train ride to Chicago a few years ago.]

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Pete said...

Not only is that company a client of the bank I work for, but I pass that building every day on my train. (But as an FYI, it's a waste paper recycler, not a paper supplier.)

Michael Leddy said...

Small world! I considered quoting a description from the company website — “founded in 1919 as an independent broker to buy and sell all grades of waste paper and old rags” — but I thought it might sound like a swipe at the papers I’m grading (which are mostly very good). CPG’s CFO has seen and enjoyed this repurposing of the company name.