Saturday, April 10, 2010

Clever NYT crossword clue

A clever clue for an eight-letter answer in today’s New York Times puzzle, an example of what in crosswords is called misdirection:

64-Across: “Safari sights.” The answer: WEBPAGES.

[No spoilers here. Highlight the empty space to see the answer.]

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Chris Albertson said...

Well, it is Saturday and not Monday :)

A liner note deadline has left my NYT puzzle unsolved, but that's quite clever.

Michael Leddy said...

This puzzle seemed more do-able than the usual Saturday. Best wishes with the liner notes, Chris.

Elaine said...

Whoa. I usually get Saturday puzzles, but both Friday and Saturday this past week forced me to Google, which I regard as a Fail. Maybe if I had had unlimited time, but I had an important appointment to go fishing (wink.) Felt relieved to get Sunday's. Feel slightly smug (unworthy, I know, but what the heck) at catching Jim Horne in an error on WordPlay today.

Michael Leddy said...

I find that when I print the puzzle and work at it, off and on, I stand a better chance of getting the whole thing without Google (though Saturdays often defeat me anyway). When I solve with the clock running, I tend to give in and search. I wonder if my experience is a common one.

Elaine said...

This could be a sign of debased work ethic, but if I would have to Google, I often give up (esp if I would need multiple googles.) When I am stuck, a couple of hours' rest does give me a boost-- why couldn't I see that before? who knows? but Pow! got it! Life does not always afford this kind of 'brain space.'

Googling just feels like an extra chore--and I have plenty of those waiting; revisiting a puzzle grid feels like a continuing effort that is sometimes rewarding. No question which is more attractive.