Friday, January 8, 2010

Roger Ebert, “Nil by mouth”

Roger Ebert can no longer eat, drink, or speak:

The food and drink I can do without easily. The jokes, gossip, laughs, arguments and shared memories I miss. Sentences beginning with the words, “Remember that time?” I ran in crowds where anyone was likely to break out in a poetry recitation at any time. Me too. But not me anymore. So yes, it’s sad. Maybe that’s why I enjoy this blog. You don’t realize it, but we’re at dinner right now.
Read it all:

Nil by mouth (Chicago Sun-Times)

The next time I teach Homer’s Odyssey and talk about food and drink and hospitality in the poem, I’ll be asking my students to read Ebert’s piece.

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JuliaR said...

It's kind of Proustian, isn't it? Memories evoke memories.

I just ordered all 6 volumes of "Lost Time" from Amazon dot UK. Cost about 65 pounds with shipping. They are the new Penguin editions. I will be going to Florida for February with my folks and plan to read. If the books get here by then.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, very Proustian.

All best wishes for your reading, Julia!