Saturday, January 23, 2010

National Handwriting Day

It’s National Handwriting Day (aka John Hancock’s birthday). Above, a recent sample of handwriting, created with a portable ink-delivery apparatus called a “Model T.” Yes, handwriting recalls the good old days, like the day last week when I wrote a review of Alvin Levin’s Love Is Like Park Avenue (New Directions, 2009) for World Literature Today. Handwriting is not dead yet.

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Pete said...

Doing what I can to honor this worthy day, albeit belatedly...

Berit said...

I am (not so) secretly completely in love with my handwriting. I think it's really special, and I've tweaked it until it suited me. As part of my secondary education at a private school I received training in various calligraphy hands (dip-pen), and undoubtedly this influenced my adult penmanship. Lately, at age 27, I seem to only write thank you cards. And, I must be an ungrateful girl because I write them so infrequently that my hand cramps terribly and doesn't give the level of control I expect.

I've been mulling over the idea of "practicing my flicks" with secret glee for a while now. But, what should I copy out for this purpose? I'm not one for poetry, and self help is just a bit over-the-top. :D

I enjoyed seeing you hand above; and am quite curious about this "Model T". :D

Michael Leddy said...

Copying — how about Bartlett’s Quotations?

The Model T is a Pelikan fountain pen, c. 1996.

Berit said...

Bartlett's: "An Oldie but Goldie". Wish I had the family copy with me; sadly I don't own one in my own home. I COULD just borrow one from the library...or use the computer, but I think the point of this exercise would be to get away from the screen. Thanks for the suggestion!

Mmmnnn, Pelikan. Don't you just love their logotype and etc.? I have a little gouache water/paint tray/brush holder from them upon which I all but dote :D

Michael Leddy said...

Best fountain pens around, in my opinion.