Friday, October 30, 2009

Of weather

The weather today is inescapable, even indoors. Its mood is my mood. Bleak am I, says the weather. Woe is me, says I.

A tree in front of my house wore its fall colors for a few days and now stands almost bare. The crazy green grass that seemed amusing a few days ago now seems out of place. What, are you still here?

The picture in my window is grey and greyer. I must turn on more lights.

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Sara said...

What's weird is that it's still relatively warm out -- it looks like it should be cold.

Today is a good day for reading. And that's what I'm going do.

Cheer up!


Michael Leddy said...

I will! Light helps. Waiter, more light, right away.

Elaine Fine said...

I find the sound rather soothing. Perhaps it is something about the sound of the rain falling on leaves that feels unusually gentle.

JuliaR said...

There's a gap around Lake Erie but we are getting warm(ish) rain too, today. (Currently 54F.)
I think I will take Sara's advice and read some Alexander McCall Smith instead of continuing to plot for my NaNoWriMo attempt. Maybe a nice big mug of tea will help!

Michael Leddy said...

You’ve all convinced me: there are better things to do than succumb to gloom. : )

Elaine said... has been raining here heavily, steadily, remorselessly, with one cruel break (blue sky, sunshine, glorious leaves), followed by more of the same plus the occasional tornado. Our front yard now has a "water feature." We have broken the record--wettest October EVER. Tea is just not going to do it. Where's the Scotch?

Michael Leddy said...

Next to the bourbon, I think. (It’s time for an Old Fashioned here.)