Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Good advice from Harvey Pekar

"If you don't correct stuff right when it happens, you can get into serious trouble. Stay on it."

Harvey Pekar, "You Get Old You Can Fall Apart (We're a Winner)," in American Splendor: Another Dollar (New York: DC Comics, 2009), 45.
In this story, illustrated by Ty Templeton, Pekar schedules physical therapy for a mending elbow, has a false tooth reglued, and gets a missing screw for his glasses replaced. "Keep on pushin'," he thinks, as the story closes. "Keep on pushin'."

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macon d said...

Man, that guy's had so many health problems. I remember being quite moved by "Our Cancer Year." Osmosis due to his job in a hospital, perhaps?

Michael Leddy said...

I'll second your words about Our Cancer Year — it's one of the most moving things about illness I've ever read.

About the elbow: a story in this new collection shows him falling on a piece of a tree limb outside his front door.