Monday, March 30, 2009

FeedBurner, broken

If over the past two or three days you've wondered what's become of blogs to which you've subscribed, FeedBurner might be the reason for their absence from your reader. I've had problems for several days with my posts showing up very late or not showing up at all.

If you look at the Feed and Web Statistics section of the FeedBurner Help Group, you'll see that many users are beset with these problems. And you'll soon figure out that the FeedBurner Help Group is a self-help group. There's no support, no "sticky" post with news of what's happening, no nothing. For a Google-owned service, that's appalling.

I just deleted my FeedBurner feed and was pleased to see today's posts immediately show up in my reader. I'm also pleased to see that Orange Crate Art now loads much more quickly without the FeedBurner code that was attached to each post's footer.

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