Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rod Blagojevich, commuter

If you've seen the brief clip of Rod Blagojevich leaving his Chicago residence this morning, you may be wondering: Isn't Springfield the capital of Illinois? Wouldn't the governor be living in Springfield?

To which the answers are "Yes" and "You'd think so." But Governor Blagojevich doesn't live in the Illinois Executive Mansion in Springfield. He commutes to Springfield from Chicago. Wikipedia has some of the details.

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Jason said...

As a Springfieldian, who migrated here from Chicago a few years ago, I have learned that Blago is despised in this city for that reason alone -- his horrible politics are just icing on the cake.

normann said...

I think I knew this, but jeez Louise, even Jim and Samantha in their day weren't too grand for Springfield, and Lincoln Park has always outranked Ravenswood.

Chaser said...

My Govenator still lives in LA--and flies back and forth every night. But he foots the bill and pays the carbon offset.