Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sluggo’s “No”

Sluggo has no problem shirking, but for the rest of us, Ramona Creel's 20 Ways to Say No might be helpful. I am not taking on any new responsibilities. And so on. No. This Ernie Bushmiller illustration has been called "the greatest Nancy panel ever drawn."

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Geo-B said...

Who called that "the greatest Nancy panel ever drawn"?
Happy 4th.

Michael Leddy said...

Artist Jim Woodring. I just changed the link to make that clearer.

Happy 4th to you too, George.

Gunther said...

I just can't stop marveling at this amazing panel! I haven't heard of Ernie Bushmiller before (let alone Sluggo) so it is also a great discovery for me. Thank you for showing it!

Michael Leddy said...

You’re welcome, Gunther.