Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad

My dad turns eighty today. Wholly cats!

I am grateful to my dad for many things — among them, my love of jazz, my love of "supplies" (notebooks, pens, pencils, and such), my habit of whistling, my willingness to work hard while focusing on the work and not the possible reward (my mom has something to do with that last one too). And I owe my dad (and mom) my being here. Thanks, Dad! (Mom too!)

Eightieth-birthday cards, at least the ones I could find, are dreadful. Elaine suggested sending two fortieth-birthday cards. They proclaim forty to be the new thirty, which makes eighty the new sixty.

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["Wholly Cats" is the title of a 1940 Benny Goodman tune.]

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Geo-B said...

My father turned 86 last week, and my mother turns 80 in September. If I ever didn't appreciate that, whenever I mention it, I can see it in the eyes of those I am speaking to, how they wish they had their parents around a little longer.

JuliaR said...

My Dad turned 80 a month ago. He and Mum are in good shape and still travelling - in June they drove from here to Newfoundland and back. I am so happy to have them in my life. They were always great parents but now that they are mellowing with age, they are even more fun. I am glad for you that you still have your parents and appreciate them. I am sure they appreciate you too!