Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weegee in Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Museum of Art has acquired several hundred Weegee photographs, found in a trunk at a Kentucky yard sale.

Above, "Martian Woman on the Telephone," circa 1955. Can anyone make out the exchange name on the dial? ELgin?

Kentucky Yard Sale Yields a Trove of Weegee Images (New York Times)

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JuliaR said...

In the article, Weegee is described as "the crepuscular, stogie-smoking New York photographer". When I look at the word crepuscular, I imagine a person covered in dry sores. Ew. So I looked it up. I have seen the word before but I never knew what it meant. I still can't imagine using it to evoke the evening. It's like the word "pulchritude" for me. That word doesn't look anything like pretty - it looks ugly!

Michael Leddy said...

Reminds of the word crapulous, which doesn't mean what it looks like.

I know the word crepescule from the beautiful Thelonious Monk tune "Crepescule with Nellie." I don't think I've seen the word crepuscular applied to a person before.