Monday, February 11, 2008

Like hope, but different

A parody of's "Yes, We Can" song, short and to the point: (YouTube)

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Eustace Bright said...

I guess that song just caricatureizes McCain: the guy that is not phased by blood, falls in line with all of Bush's decisions with respect to Iraq, and is clearly out of touch with American sentiment and reality (with the alarming sound-byte about not thinking Americans care if we are in Iraq for 100, 1000, 10000 years).

I think these messages have misinformation in them. Most egregiously, the quote about staying in Iraq for 10000 years is pulled hopelessly out of context. McCain has repeated the same sentiment enough that it shouldn't be hard to figure out that he doesn't mean 10000 years of occupation and peace keeping, of death and suffering. He is, like all others, not interested in that. However, he has made the politically foolish comment that realistically, we WILL have a footprint in Iraq for 100, 1000, or 10000 years (whether Barak or Clinton or he is elected). Following a phased withdrawal, we will maintain bases there, just as we have in every other country we've entered. This does not mean that we are fighting there. (Korea, for example.) It is true that McCain is interested in continuing to provide military cover for the fledgling government until the nation can handle it on their own, whereas Obama and Clinton and many others favor pulling out and letting the Iraqis sort it out themselves. Disclosure: I am for McCain (duh, right...), but at the same time I honestly do not know which Iraq idea I prefer between the two above listed. (I'm not voting solely on the Iraq issue.) The question is, does the voting public already know that McCain is for staying in the fight? And is the voting public is more or less intelligently informed by this video? I think the answers are yes and then no.

appreciate that it is hard to put t a and that Does it seem to you that the message of the song is that McCain is

Eustace Bright said...

haha... that garbled message at the bottom is because I was drunk and ranting.

No, I sometimes jot down my ideas, then pull via cut/paste when I am ready to put them in order and compose. I didn't see that I hadn't deleted the stray words left when moving the clauses... It's a good technique, but clearly one that needs a good proof read. :)

Michael Leddy said...

Hi Joe,

I think the parody is amusing as an exercise in style — McCain's words, or at least these words, don't lend themselves to this sort of adaptation.

As you know from our exchange on another post, I think McCain has genuine integrity. But when I hear 10,000 years — he's speaking (granted, hypothetically) of a military commitment longer lived than the story of civilization itself! To me, that's pretty startling.

thalkowski said...

I would never want to try to see into another's heart.
But McCain's public actions & public words (e.g., singing 'bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran') are a bit less that 'Lincolnesque.'