Thursday, February 7, 2008

Julia Ringma wins juice challenge

The challenge of The Three Juices has ended. Julia Ringma correctly guessed all three Platonic liquids: pineapple, loganberry, and tomato. Well done, Julia!

Thanks too to Ben and Stephen for playing.

This Libby's ad appeared in the April 29, 1940 issue of Life.

About loganberry juice (which I'd never heard of, and which would make breakfast really different): Wikipedia helps out.

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JuliaR said...

Wow, thank you very much! Cool. I had actually heard of loganberries as a kid - I don't know how. And I remember a reference to loganberry wine. I suppose you can make wine out of any juice. I am just amazed that a company would be able to manufacture and sell such an exotic juice. I mean, when you look at the tiny containers of blackberries and raspberries at the store and what they sell for, it seems extravagant.

Did you know Proust (the Moncrieff edition) is on the internet!?
Not sure I want to read it staring at a computer screen.

Michael Leddy said...

Moncrieff: yes, I've checked a few passages that way, which makes the novel seem so short! Just scroll, scroll, scroll.