Friday, December 28, 2007

3 Sisters Café

Anyone within driving distance of Indianapolis might want to seek out the 3 Sisters Café, a wonderful restaurant in Broad Ripple Village, one of Indianapolis' designated cultural districts. The restaurant occupies the first floor of an old wood-shingled house. (How old? I didn't think to ask, but the windows have wavy glass.) We sat in what was once the front parlor. Service was genuinely friendly, and I was impressed that there was no effort to turn my family's table, even with a line of people waiting to be seated, many of them regulars.

The vegan- and vegetarian-friendly menu is simple but dazzling. Every dish at our table was a hit: apple-pumpkin curry soup, split pea soup, barbecued tempeh and sweet potatoes, a hummus sandwich, a mixed-greens salad with tempeh, and a spinach melt with Gorgonzola.

Once in a while one finds a restaurant which is so wonderful that it seems perhaps imaginary. The 3 Sisters Café is one of those restaurants. How could a restaurant with egg offerings named Bill, Bob, Carol, Ed, Mom, and SOB not be wonderful?

Even more wonderful than eating at 3 Sisters was not hitting the five or six deer who stepped out from the darkness as we made our way home on an Illinois rural route. I can't remember even seeing the deer before slamming on the brakes and coming to a full stop. We were lucky that no one was behind us, and also perhaps lucky that I fortified myself with an medium Americano before the drive home.

3 Sisters Café
6360 North Guilford Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana
Monday-Friday, 8-6. Saturday-Sunday, 8-4.
[The three sisters, by the way, are corn, beans, and squash.]

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Jason said...

Glad you made it home safely! My brother and sister live in Indy, so I plan to suggest this place to them both. Actually, my brother lived in Broad Ripple, so he may already know of it.