Friday, August 24, 2007

Remembrance of orthodontics past

I've been told many times that I have a nice smile, and I have to believe that the tellers are telling the truth as they see it. But I don't have nice teeth. Two upper teeth tilt backwards, badly maloccluded, barely visible, giving my open-mouthed smile a gappy (albeit symmetrically gappy) look. So when a shutter snaps, I tend to zip my lips. I sometimes think about getting these teeth capped, but they've been with me so long that I find it difficult to imagine alterations. Besides, I am told that I have a nice smile.

Hearing the word braces the other day reminded me that I had them as a kid, along with "headgear" and elastics and a retainer, though none of it did much good. (I still remember, sitting in the chair during my final visit, wondering about the return on the investment.) I got curious enough to Google my orthodontist and was surprised to see that as recently as 2003, he was still at it, as the New York State Board of Regents documents. And still, after all those years, working with the same integrity and skill:

These are the only references to Sheldon Estrin that I can find online, aside from a current listing in what appears to be a clearinghouse for cut-rate dental plans. I wish Dr. Estrin's current patients better luck than I had.

[January 2008: I had the two teeth capped, and now I'm smiling. Thanks, Dr. Blagg!]

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