Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A pencil parade

Charless in Tallahassee left a link to this photograph in a comment on a pencil-related post.

The BBC explains: "Sue Grant snaps participants entering this year's pencil parade at Moniaive Gala in Dumfriesshire." Wikipedia tells us something about Moniaive, a village in Scotland:

Every year a number of festivals are held within the parish: Moniaive Horse Show, Gala Day, Arts Association exhibition, Beer and Food festival, Comedy nights, Moniaive Folk Festival, Horticultural show, to name but a few. In 2004 The Times described the village as one of the "coolest" in Britain.
I'm unable to find any suggestion of Moniaive's connection to pencils. But when has one needed a special reason to dress up as a pencil?
Your Pictures: 27 July–3 August (BBC News)
Moniaive (Wikipedia)
Moniaive (Village website, now empty)
(Thanks, Charless!)

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Anonymous said...

The following is extracted from an email from Sue Grant:

Pencil parade was part of Moniaive Gala Day parade of floats and fancy dress.
The 'pencils' were representing the George Hotel in Moniaive, as this was very recently bought by new owners time was of the essence and so they were looking for something quick, easy and obviously eye catching to make!
With just about everyone in the community getting involved in cleaning and decorating this loved village hotel/pub the idea of coloured pencils seemed appropriate.

They looked fantastic and were very humourous walking down the street, more of a waddle really as they couldn't take a full stride!

Sue Grant
Moniaive Gala Committee
Glenluiart House
Dumfries & Galloway
01848 200401
Mobile: 07749060285
sue AT badpress DOT demon DOT co DOT uk

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks again, Charless! Too bad that Pencil Revolution is no longer active: this parade deserves widespread recognition.