Sunday, April 15, 2007

Times still passionate, study finds

In today's New York Times: passionate passions, from A (advanced aviation) to Z (Zoran Zivkovic, "not to be confused with the former prime minister of Serbia"). I've omitted a reference to passion fruit:

Soon after the brothers gained control of General Atomics in 1986, they unleashed their passion for advanced aviation by turning the company into a leading pioneer in drone warfare. (Charles Duhigg, "The Pilotless Plane That Only Looks Like Child’s Play")

Dressed in black, his intense face framed by a shock of black curls and a dark beard, Mr. Eifman hovers over his two dancers, instructing and explaining with evident passion. (Joy Goodwin, "No Rest for a Russian Renegade")

The Serbian author Zoran Zivkovic (not to be confused with the former prime minister of Serbia) already has many passionate supporters in America, and though it is too soon to crown him the new Borges, Seven Touches of Music: A Mosaic Novel (Aio, $23.95) makes him a leading candidate for the position. (Dave Itzkoff, "Cthulhu Meets Godzilla")

For the last four years, the object of his passion — and the chief topic of his dull lectures — has been the X-Paste, a toothpaste dispenser meant to keep bathrooms free of gunk. (Brendan I. Koerner, "Paste on the Brush, Not on the Sink")

She is particularly passionate about Virginia Woolf and James Joyce, and was president of the International James Joyce Foundation. (Kate Stone Lombardi, "At a Liberal-Arts Enclave, She’d Like a Bigger Tent")

And where that mighty stream is meant to take us, I think, is back to that large body of passionate, history-obsessed literature that is (or was) Latin American fiction. (Terrence Rafferty, "My Wife Is Mad")

In Ireland, the passion for steeplechase horse racing is, as Barich puts it, "a streak of lightning in the blood." (Ihsan Taylor, "Paperback Row")

It was impossible not to be affected by his passion. (Anthony Tommasini, "Passing the Baton: Be Bold, New York")

When she was about 70, Mrs. Winter turned her passion for clothing into a passion for making complex needlepoint portraits of women. (Stephen P. Williams, "Downsizing by Moving Downstairs")

Just as Ms. Miller’s renovations largely revolved around her need to accommodate her passion for collecting vintage shoes and clothes, Ben Schechter and his partner, George Barimo, put about $30,000 into their East Side apartment to accommodate their art and antiques. (Vivian S. Toy, "Sinking Your Money Into a Rental")
My passion for sentence collecting will soon wane -- such is the way of passion -- but anyone may play by searching the Times. Here's another examination of a Times tic:
Stuffed with madeleines (This Modern World)
Yes, it involves Proust.
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