Friday, April 13, 2007

Passions of the Times

They call the New York Times the "Gray Lady." But the Times is no lady. She is a woman -- a woman of passion. Also of passionate. Both words are conspicuous in Times reportage.

Here are the instances of passion and passionate in today's online Times articles. I've excluded quoted dialogue:

She and the wonderful Mary Louise Wilson (as her bedridden mother), in the performances of their careers, make "Grey Gardens" an experience no passionate theatergoer should miss. (Ben Brantley, Theater Listings)

An indication of the passion and controversy generated by the contract is the high level of participation: about two-thirds of the 29,000 eligible workers cast ballots, or twice as many as voted in 2003. (David W. Chen, "State Workers in New Jersey Vote to Ratify New Contract")

But Mr. Cathie has been a passionate proponent. (Sam Dillon, "College Administrator's Dual Roles Are a Focus of Student Loan Inquiry")

His visual imagination is often arresting, and the dancers perform with passion. (Jennifer Dunning, "No Matter the Message, It's Delivered With Dazzle")

Even in this era of biodiesel fuels and degradable eating utensils, Cloud Cult is especially passionate about green music practices. (Ben Sisario, Pop and Rock Listings)

Still, at least on this night, there often seemed a dearth of chemistry between the performers, too little sense of the desperate passion that binds them. (Steve Smith, "The Violetta, Germont and Alfredo of Yore")

Administrators and the teacher who runs the club say they have struggled with Shawn, and are seeking a balance of how to engage him in his studies without barring him from the one thing about which he is passionate. (Timothy Williams, "Teenage Riddle: Skipping Class, Mastering Chess")

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