Wednesday, March 28, 2007


When my wife Elaine added the URL of her latest blog post to Google, here's what she was asked to type:

Elaine doesn't think this item is appropriate for her blog (the relation to music is at best tenuous), so she gave it to me. Thanks, Elaine!

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Lee said...

I've been collected some of these verifications, about which I'm undecided. Are they messages from some trickster spirit? Or can I use them in a fictional riff on internet use that I'm thinking of writing - something like the song Israeli author David Grossman wrote based on the bumper stickers he'd been noting down?

Elaine Fine said...

You're welcome!

Michael Leddy said...

Lee, these words have often seemed to me like fanciful product names: Trello, Vyovo, and so on. I'm making these examples up, but again and again I think detergent, prescription drug. It'd be great to see these words as the work of the Delphic oracle (or any other oracle). I don't know David Grossman -- a song made from found materials sounds interesting to me.

Elaine, I'll see you later this afternoon. : )

Lee said...

Here's a link to a NYT article about Grossman's bumper stickers. He has written one my favourite YA novels,Someone to Run With, and his younger son Uri was killed in Lebanon in August.

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks for the link, Lee.