Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tea (take 4 times daily)

I take delight in any "study," no matter how small the sample (75 tea-drinking men in this case), that confirms the wisdom of doing what I like doing anyway:

Regular cups of tea can help speed recovery from stress, researchers from University College London (UCL) said on Wednesday.

Men who drank black tea four times a day for six weeks were found to have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than a control group who drank a fake tea substitute, the researchers said in a study published in the journal Psychopharmacology.

The tea drinkers also reported a greater feeling of relaxation after performing tasks designed to raise stress levels.
And now back to grading midterms (and drinking tea).

Beat stress, drink tea (Reuters)

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Lee said...

I wonder if this applies to green tea, a personal favourite?

Michael Leddy said...

Lee, doing a search for green tea stress suggests that green tea might have the same effect (along with other benefits).