Saturday, September 30, 2006


Greg Boardman, owner of the Lorraine Theatre in Hoopeston, Illinois, shut down for two weeks rather than show Jackass 2:

"The movies are so bad and I don't need the money . . . I just didn't think I should use my high-quality facilities to show people vomiting on screen," said Boardman, whose theaters boast a high-tech, eight-channel digital sound system. . . .

"There are enough theaters carrying movies like Jackass that if people want to see them they can . . . The problem now is that there are too few good movies, movies that transplant you to another place," Boardman said in a telephone interview.
Greg Boardman also owns Boardman's Art Theatre in Champaign, Illinois, the best place to see a movie (or film) that I know.

U.S. theater owner shuts down rather than screening "drivel" (International Herald Tribune)
Boardman's Art Theatre
Lorraine Theatre

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John Guzlowski said...

Hi, Michael, yeah, I heard about the hoopeston movie shutdown. Even here in the south georgia world of swamps and tall pines, a theater closing down so it doesn't have to show a dumb movie is news.

And I guess I wonder what the next step is: book stores closing down because there are too many dumb books, radio stations closing down because most of the music played on them is dumb, art museums closing because contemporary art is painted for the blind by artists who can't paint, churches closing down because God has stopped speaking to us.

And then where are we?

Maybe it would be the rebirth of wonder we've all been hoping for.