Friday, September 22, 2006


From Anu Garg's A.Word.A.Day, now featuring words related to pirates:

avast (uh-VAST) interjection

Stop (used as a command to stop or desist).

[From Dutch hou vast (hold fast), from houd vast.]

"The best part, though, is the music. It dips and swells in the game right along with the action. Avast, there's treasure here!"

Vance Jordan and Melissa L. Jones, "Madden NFL Steps Up the Play," Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Aug 27, 2006.
The word avast furnishes the name of avast!, an excellent anti-virus program.

Link: A.Word.A.Day

Link: avast! Home Edition, free for home and non-commercial use

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Lee said...

Thanks for the Avast tip - both kinds!

Michael Leddy said...

You're welcome, Lee. The free version of avast! works unobstrusively, updates its virus definitions frequently, and causes none of the problems that I found in many years of using Norton AntiVirus.