Sunday, July 9, 2006

Dark Room

A free new tool for anyone interested in distraction-free writing on a Windows computer: Dark Room, a Windows version of the free Mac program WriteRoom. Dark Room allows for distraction-free writing with minimal editing capabilities — cut, copy, paste, undo, redo. (WriteRoom has more options.)

What makes Dark Room different from a text-editor: the full-screen mode removes access to the desktop, so that there's nothing but a blank "page" — no titlebar, no taskbar, nothing to pull you away from writing. And full-screen mode keeps the "page" in the middle of the screen (very different from writing in a text-editor with a maximized window, with text running the width of the screen). DarkRoom's defaults are old school — green text with a black page and black background, but colors and margin settings (along with font style and size) can be changed to your liking. And you can toggle between fullscreen mode and a smaller, conventional window with F11.

I love the idea of a computer program emulating a typewriter (the Mac program Blockwriter, in development, goes further, removing cut and paste.) And I find it interesting that as Microsoft Office is on the verge of becoming even more visually complicated, people are creating alternatives for writing that function with extreme simplicity.

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Crritic! said...

Thanks Michael. One thing though. Do you know the rationale behind the black screen with green text? I can understand the Courier font, but why would it not be black text on a white screen? Any ideas?

Michael Leddy said...

It's to have a desktop that looks like a screen from days of yore (mid-80s, I guess — "old school"). There's even a Mac program — GLTerminal — that simulates the curve in the screen of an old monitor. That's little too whimsical for me (not that I have a Mac).