Monday, June 26, 2006


Outside a library, one person speaking to another, with great emphasis:

You can MAKE, a MONTH, as an ASSISTANT, fifty-thousand DOLLARS.
Sounds as though someone is being invited to ascend the pyramid.

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Anonymous said...

I heard (not that long ago, but it could have been anytime since the middle 80s) one nicely-suited fellow say to a similarly-suited fellow, "You've got to actualize your potential incoming." It's that "incoming" that kills me; maybe he has never heard of its military usage? Or (more likely) "income" just isn't a BIG enough word to covfer the number he is dreaming of in his green wallpapered mind? Who knows what it all means, and I don't just refer to the Punch and Judy show these two up-and-comer were pantomining their lives within. One day, the dog will show up and eat them all... And then the children will applaud.

Heads up for incoming!

Michael Leddy said...

That language reminds me of the jargon in the loony theories of wealth that Barbara Ehrenreich learns about in Bait and Switch. Heads up indeed.