Friday, June 2, 2006


Make a typo in a URL and you never know what you'll find. Here's what I found when I mistyped gmail:

Beijing Gnail Heattreatment Technology Institute is famous for his liquid heattreatment technology in China.

We have introduced from German, Japan etc. and R&D a lot of new technologies in liquid heattreatment. The technologies are proved stable, efficient, pollutant-free , and have been widely used in China. All experts in our institute are skill in application for the technologies. We are professional.

Our products have been exported to many countries and regions over the world with good quality. Gnail liquid salts offer so many solutions for manufacture with low cost and easy operation.

Gnail, good companies of heattreatment !
Yes, there is a Gnail !

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» Beijing Gnail Heattreatment Institute
» Gmail

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