Monday, November 14, 2005

No candy for me

A newspaper photograph that I saw recently depicts someone showing an audience how to reward students with candy. The workshop that was the occasion for this demonstration focused on using games in the "classroom": crosswords, murder mysteries, bingo, and the like. The workshop was for college professors. Yes, the students to be rewarded with candy after playing these games are college students.

I'm thinking of some of the reading I did in college--Aquinas, Borges, Chaucer, Dickinson, and so on--and I'm trying, really trying, to imagine one, just one, of my professors presiding over a bingo game and giving out candy. But I cannot.

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academic coach said...


At my daughters' elementary school they now have a policy that teachers may not give out candy in the classrooms. Guess it will have to wait until college.

Anonymous said...

As a former student, I would just like to say thank you for not playing bingo (games in general) with us or passing out candy. I truly believe I would have lost all credibility in you as an instructor. I'm actually disturbed by the thought of bingo and candy...