Monday, January 17, 2005

Stanley Lombardo interview

3009 students: You can find the text of an interview with Stanley Lombardo in this issue of Jacket, an on-line poetry magazine.

Much of what's said might not click, but I think that anyone who's started reading Homer can pick up something from this interview. Students who've read the interview after reading Homer for a while have told me that they wish they had read it when they started reading Homer.

Jacket, the home of this interview, is edited and published by John Tranter in Australia.

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john benjamin said...

Love Stanley Lombardo. Thanks for posting.

Michael Leddy said...

You’re welcome.

I’m trying to remember why this post doesn’t mention that I’m the guy who did the interview. I think I wanted to surprise my students. (Orange Crate Art began as a way to collect items for my teaching.)