Friday, June 12, 2015

iPhoto lives

If you prefer Apple’s iPhoto to the new Photos app (as I do), you should know that it’s still possible to use iPhoto in OS X 10.10.3.

iPhoto 9.6 will not open in 10.10.3, nor can the app be updated in the App Store. (The circle-with-slashed-line on the iPhoto icon makes the app’s status clear.) As 9.6 is unusable, I felt no fear about deleting it. I then opened the App Store app, clicked on Purchases, found iPhoto in the list of purchased apps, and clicked to install. And now I have iPhoto 9.6.1, which works with 10.10.3.

Proceed at your own risk. All I am saying is that I found it possible to bring back iPhoto. Why I never saw an update notification for 9.6.1 is a question for which I have no answer. A check of the Internets suggests that many Mac users have that same question. A cynic might suspect that Apple is trying to move its users to Photos, no questions asked.

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