Saturday, August 23, 2014

µBlock for Google Chrome

µBlock is an ad-blocking extension for Chromium-based browsers. The extension’s developer Raymond Hill says that µBlock uses significantly fewer resources than AdBlock Plus. That’s certainly the case on my Mac. Your figurative mileage may vary.

To see what’s going on under the figurative hood and what resources an extension is using, use Chrome’s Task Manager, available from the Menu Bar (Window ➝ Task Manager) or from the hamburger menu (☰) to the right of the Address Bar. There’s no keyboard shortcut for getting to the Task Manager on a Mac, but you can be sneaky and create one.


August 25: Another reason to like µBlock: I ran into a problem with whitelisting, e-mailed Raymond Hill last night, and this morning there was a new version of µBlock at GitHub, problem solved. Thank you, Raymond.

[The hamburger is also figurative. I’m my fambly’s IT guy, and I take on that role cheerfully.]

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