Monday, May 6, 2013

Route 66 wisdom

As Buz and Not Buz drive off to another episode, Not Buz recalls something his father told him:

“Whenever you reach an impasse, look at the third side of the coin. . . . The third side is the edge, the place the two sides come together, the meeting place of heads and tails. Dad used to say that was the best side because it welds opposites together. And it's a circle, a continuing circle, closed and perfect, as endless as understanding itself.”
Elaine and I continue to make our way on Route 66. Among the actors in our most recent episodes: Don Beddoe, William “Billy” Benedict, Donna Douglas, Joey Heatherton (her screen debut), Zohra Lampert, E. G. Marshall, Charles McGraw, Suzanne Pleshette, and Johnny Seven. People of the mid-twentieth-century, how fortunate you were to have this show.

[From “Three Sides,” Route 66, November 18, 1960. Series co-creator Stirling Silliphant wrote this episode. Extra credit for anyone who remembers William “Billy” Benedict.]

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