Thursday, April 4, 2013

The New York Times on Walmart

Breaking news! Walmart offers a crummy shopping experience, with empty shelves and awful produce.

[This is breaking news?]

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Berit said...

I just had a new-low experience at WM last night. I shop there a handful of times a year to buy the Dawn foam-type dish soap refil (all other local stores now only sell the starter pump, which is a gross waste of plastic and money.)

It was so bad that I'm swearing off them entirely. But, I REALLY like that soap...

Michael Leddy said...

In my house, we have Walmart quandaries all the time. We buy various items from the local “health-food” store, where they’re more expensive, because we want that store to continue to be around (it has many items never to be found in Walmart).

People for whom Walmart is the only game in town don’t get to have these quandaries.